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Our Story

Back in 2013, our founder Lydia Brian received a life-altering diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes at just 14 years old. Throughout her journey, Lydia faced significant challenges, particularly when it came to managing her carb intake during her university years. Estimating carbohydrates in meals became an arduous task, leading to inconsistent blood sugar levels and feelings of frustration. Motivated by her own experiences, Lydia embarked on a mission to develop a solution. After extensive research and development, 'Check Select Inject' was born—a groundbreaking app designed to accurately calculate carb content and empower users to make informed food choices. With Check Select Inject, managing diabetes becomes easier and more enjoyable, even when indulging in a cheeky Nando's.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals with diabetes by providing a user-friendly and comprehensive carb counting solution. We strive to simplify meal planning, enhance blood glucose management, and improve overall well-being, enabling our users to take control of their health and live fulfilling lives.

Meet the Founder

Professional Dancer & Diabetic Content Creator

Meet Lydia Brian, the visionary founder behind our company. For the past decade, Lydia has courageously battled diabetes, navigating the complexities that come with it. Her university years were particularly challenging, as she grappled with the intricacies of carb counting. Inspired by her personal journey, Lydia embarked on a mission to develop an innovative solution that would revolutionise diabetes management. 

Hey all!

I'm a professional dancer with a fiery passion for movement and a dedicated content creator specialising in diabetes awareness on platforms like TikTok. As I gracefully navigate the world of dance while managing diabetes, I've made it my mission to inspire and empower others. Through captivating TikToks and insightful content, I share my journey, experiences, and creative expressions, proving that diabetes is just a chapter in your life's story, not the whole book. Join me as I dance through life, one step at a time, while spreading positivity and raising awareness about thriving with diabetes.

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